Drill Sergeant Cartridge for Mary Lou”s Weigh Platform


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You can run but you can’thide from the weight loss drill sergeant

Product Information

The Drill Sergeant Cartridge for Mary Lou’s Weigh Platform is the drillsergeant created just to help you lose weight.  Designed tofit into the Mary Lou’s Weigh Platform, your drill sergeant voicecartridge is tough and rough, but he’s also incredibly funny. If you need a switch kick in the Platform, the drill sergeantisperfect for you.  The drill sergeant is easily inserted intothe backof the Platform, then just slide the button from Mary Lou to Cartridgeand you’re on your way to weight loss boot camp.  You canswitch backand forth from Mary Lou to Cartridge at any time without losing yourweight information in this additional voice cartridge for Mary Lou’sWeigh Platform.

Product Features
  • Works with your Mary Lou Weigh Platform (sold separately)
  • Drill Sergeant’s yelling motivates you to lose weight
  • Tough drill sergeant motivation balanced with humor
  • Switch between Mary Lou to Cartridge without losing weightinfo